Telehealth Nutrition Counseling

Work with me from the comfort of your own home.  I meet with clients via audio/video, phone and email/messaging!

‘PCOS to Pregnancy’ Group Program

PCOS to Pregnancy is my signature program designed & created to balance hormones, improve PCOS symptoms, and help you achieve pregnancy. Reach out to learn more!

Corporate Wellness

I will work with local businesses to improve employee health, reduce sick leave, and lower healthcare costs! I offer talks & presentations, wellness events, healthy competitions, or bring your facility’s idea to me!  I will bring it to life!


Our Services

Dietitian Nutrition Counseling

 When you sign up for Nutrition Counseling with me, we will work closely together to determine your nutrition needs to met your health goals. I feel strongly about nutrition that treats the whole person. I address not only nutrition and dietary adjustments, but also behavior modification. Many people know what to do, but just don’t know HOW to make it happen and stay consistent with their progress. My sessions are tailored to each client based on individual needs and goals. This personalized approach sets my clients up for long-term success. I do not prescribe diets but instead, work on making adjustments to fit my client’s lifestyle.

 During our first session, we will discuss your intake assessment including relative medical history, lifestyle habits, eating patterns, and health/nutrition goals. We will work together to set some big picture and short-term goals to review on subsequent calls. Then we will determine the action items to assure these goals are attainable.

 Over my years of experience in the nutrition & dietetics field, I have found that people generally do best when they have regular check-ins and accountability. Many people know what to do, but putting knowledge into action is quite often the challenge! We work on utilizing feedback from the previous week to make adjustments for the upcoming weeks.

Dietitian Nutrition Coaching, VIP Plan – $300 / month

My VIP coaching clients receive four (4) weekly, 25-minute coaching sessions including email recap of the session including a personalized protocol with big-picture goals and small action steps. Throughout our work together, you will never be alone. You will have access to my online portal where you can log your meals, exercise, mood/emotions, and symptoms. Chat support (with me) between visits is included, so that you don’t have to wait until our next session to ask your questions & get answers fast. Applicable handouts & resources included.

Dietitian Nutrition Coaching, Step-Down Plan – $200 / month

*My step-down coaching clients receive two (2) bi-weekly, 25-minute coaching sessions including email recap of the session including a personalized plan with big-picture goals and small action steps. Additionally, receive everything the VIP Plan includes such as access to my online portal, food & lifestyle logs, chat support between sessions, and applicable handouts & resources. The Step-Down plan is generally ideal for those who have worked with me using the VIP Plan (weekly sessions) and feel more confident in their nutrition & lifestyle choices, yet still want support & guidance. *It is not required to do the VIP Plan first.

Medical Nutritional Therapy 

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is a nutrition-based treatment using nutritional diagnostic, therapy, and counseling services for the purpose of disease management. 

In the first hour together, I perform an in-depth individualized nutrition assessment. We then discuss priorities, start to establish long-term and short-term goals, and create individualized action plans to improve your health & nutrition.

Assessment includes all aspects of your lifestyle that contribute to your overall health such as nutrition, physical activity, stress, sleep, and other relative lifestyle factors. We often discuss past diet attempts to see what worked and what did not. I know most people are anxious to obtain the education based on your underlying medical condition and/or goals.

Please understand that the majority of this initial session is dedicated to information gathering so that I can fully comprehend your current dietary concerns, establish why they exist and how I can effectively work with you to resolve them. Because, as you will find, the initial 60-minute session goes quickly, we use future sessions to further customize a plan using all factors obtained during the initial visit. 

The follow-up sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes based on your needs and how you prefer to set up visits.

MNT for various conditions is covered by some insurance companies. I am in network with Medicare, which currently covers 100% for the diagnoses of Diabetes or Chronic Kidney Disease. I am also in network with Aetna – coverage varies by plan, so I provide a detailed questionnaire to walk you through verifying your nutrition benefits. I can provide a Superbill for any out-of-network insurance. FSA/HSA Accepted!




PCOS to Pregnancy

For women with PCOS looking to balance their hormones, improve their PCOS symptoms, and get pregnant, I offer PCOS to Pregnancy.  My signature program helps women learn the fundamentals of nutrition & lifestyle that supports their fertility.

** Reach out to determine if there is space in the 12-week program! **

PCOS to Pregnancy

NO Fad Diets. NO Shakes. NO Pills. NO Wraps. NO fancy frills that draw you in and let you down. Stop the diet cycle and take control of your nutrition. Take control of your fertility. Start looking at what you can be doing RIGHT NOW to support conception & a healthy pregnancy. Stop being sucked into the fancy diets, the supplements, and the detoxes that promise results, yet just keep letting you down.

,I GET YOU.  I do. As a dietitian with PCOS who struggled with infertility for years, I understand where you are at. I am thankful to be on the “other side” and now have three healthy, thriving children. My experience, not only as a registered dietitian, but as a women who dealt with PCOS infertility, my mission in life is to help other women conceive in a much shorter time with a much more streamlined method. PCOS to Pregnancy walks you through the steps to improve your nutrition to NOURISH your body for pregnancy as well as what you should be doing to boost your chances of conception with PCOS. If you feel like you have tried everything, but nothing has worked for you, this where PCOS to Pregnancy can help. We take a step back in time to tackle the fundamentals and improve your body at the core level. 

This program is designed to help you get it all figured out – balance your day, get optimal nutrition for fertility, regular movement you enjoy, and address lifestyle factors that might be hindering your efforts.

If you are looking to: 
– Balance Your Hormones
– Reduce or Eliminate Unwanted PCOS Symptoms
– Get Pregnant FAST …

While also likely experiencing:
– Confidence in Your Ability to Eat for PCOS
– Improved or Stabilized Blood Sugar
– Reduced LDL & Triglycerides
– Improved HDL
– Improved Blood Pressure
– Reduced Risk of PCOS Complications
– Improved Energy
– A Nourished Body w/out Deprivation

… this program will be a great fit!

During this 12-week group program, you will learn how to make nutrition recommendations fit into YOUR lifestyle. We will go beyond FOOD and address movement, sleep, stress management, and even talk fertility tracking.

This 12- Week Program includes:
> 12 Self-Paced Modules encompassing various Lessons & Action Steps to guide you in nailing the fundamentals of PCOS fertility.

> Weekly Group Coaching Calls (approximately 1 hour each) where you can ask questions & get clarity on your goals & progress. (Valued @ $1800)

> Group Chat for Support via Private Facebook Group, available 24/7

> Meal Plan Ideas w/Recipes & Shopping List

> Lots of Supportive Handouts such as Sack Lunch Guides and Snack Guides

Program Cost: 3 Installments of $97.00/month – OR – $249 Paid in Full.

……….          ……….          ……….

I won’t leave you hanging after the 12 weeks is up! Support Group Membership offered as a post-program option for ongoing support.

Corporate Nutrition

Over the past 16 years, I have been consulting with local corporations in my previous role as a hospital dietitian. We can agree that poor nutrition and dietary habits can be costly to companies. Obesity remains on the rise and chronic disease symptoms and side effects contribute to raising health insurance claims, missed work, and decreased employee productivity. For a corporation, the financial impact is large.

I can customize education material and delivery style towards almost any audience! I have found that employees find motivation and a sense of empowerment when participating in interactive wellness programs. Teaching healthy lifestyle habits and focusing on preventative services reduce health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Area businesses will likely find this to be a cost-effective way to reduce health care costs. Some of the services I provide include:

Individual Employee Consultations

I provide nutritional assessments and counseling sessions for your employees right at your location. Let me come to you! We can set up 1-on-1 sessions for durations of 15, 30, or 60 minutes, where I will create awareness and provide recommendations for your employees to help them improve their health and reduce chronic disease risk, occurrence, and complications.

Nutrition Challenges

Use the competitive work environment as a means to create healthy changes for all involved. I work with companies to design their own customized weekly health and nutrition-based program. We often think of weight loss as the main challenge topic, but we can also put our focus onto other areas of health and wellness such as movement or increasing nutrition quality. The options are endless. Programs can be as short as 4 weeks or as long as 12 weeks. I can work with your staff to motivate and educate! I will host sessions on various topics related to our end-goal, but some ideas include nutrition tips, nutritious recipes, simple snack ideas, shopping hacks, and beyond. Let’s chat to determine your company’s interests and come up with the perfect challenge!

Lunch N’ Learn

These brief 30-minute or 1-hour interactive lectures are an easy and convenient way to reach many employees at once! We can set up a one-time lunch-n’-learn or plan an event series! The topic options are endless. We can focus on disease prevention or general health and wellness.

Ideas include:

  • Nutrition for the Busy Lifestyle
  • Healthy Holiday Nutrition
  • Grocery Shopping Hacks
  • Nutrition Myth Education
  • Office Nutrition
  • Fad Diet Information
  • And More!

Pricing for corporate programs is individualized based on the number of participants and the services requested. Reach out to me at to set up a phone consultation where we can further evaluate your business’s needs.


* If you are interested in working with me on something not listed above, please reach out! Let’s chat about what you are envisioning for your company and I can create the “perfect fit” program for you and your staff!


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