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Do you feel like you know what to do to lose weight or improve your health, yet just cannot seem to make it happen?  Do you feel like you know a little about nutrition, but you have unanswered questions after reading online sources & hearing friends offer their opinions?  Maybe optimal nutrition sometimes feels impossible due to hectic schedules and a fast-paced life.  The reasons people seek out a nutrition coach vary greatly.  That is why you need a plan tailored to your specific goals and lifestyle…and this is exactly what I do!  

As a Dietitian Nutrition Coach, I am here to help you meet your health goals!  I will act as your guide and help coach you through making the changes needed for long-term success.  When you are ready to start working on adjusting your nutrition, reach out!  Click that little white  “Let’s Chat” button above and shoot me a message.  We can discuss your goals and  what I can offer you as your personal Dietitian Nutrition Coach.  I would love to help answer your nutrition questions, coach you through the tough times and be here for accountability.

How I Work

My main goal in working with you is to help you establish methods for improving your nutrition long-term.  I have been helping people improve their nutrition for over 14 years, and from my experience, fad diets and over-the-counter diet pills just do not work.  You might see a some water weight come off and that is exciting nonetheless, but this is not sustainable.  One of my common sayings is, “don’t change anything or do anything you cannot stick with life-long.”  Instead of standardized meal plans, I work closely with you, listening to your struggles and working to set detailed goals, tailored specifically to your lifestyle.  Throughout our sessions, we will work together to determine your needs.  We will navigate many topics based on your interests and goals.  Common topics include meal content, food selection, portion control and more.  We will put these concepts together to create a healthier lifestyle and long-lasting results.

Each time we meet, we will set realistic, individualized goals to help guide you on your journey.  I believe that people can be healthy at all different shapes and sizes.  Everyone’s body is different!   For many though, focusing on improving a chronic disease, or lowering the risk of developing a chronic disease is important and the number on the scale is often irrelevant.  I also understand that weight loss is important to some folks for prevention, improvement or management of certain chronic diseases, or for your own personal reasons.  I want you be able to remove the stress and anxiety around food and, instead, be able to use nutrition as a tool for health, both physical and mental.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist, I can also provide modified recommendations to assist those who have Diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational), Pre-Diabetes, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Heart Conditions, Elevated Cholesterol / Triglycerides, and Hypertension.  I have experience working with people who have food allergies/sensitivities, Celiac Disease, Unintended Weight Loss & Desired Weight Gain.

It is good to keep in mind that nutrition counseling is not generally a “one and done” scenario.  Behavior modification takes time!  I find that for many clients, what they appreciate most is the accountability… the ability to reach out to a professional when they have a question or when they get stuck at a plateau.  As your nutrition coach, I am always just one message away!  Think of your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as you do your physician, your dentist, your optometrist – you see most of your providers annually, right?  Regular check-ins are best for your health.  Nutrition is no different!  Most clients find that it take us multiple sessions to work through their goals and for them to get to a place where they feel comfortable navigating nutrition without regular check-ins.  That said, I am very open to meeting YOUR needs – this is very much about what you need from me!  If you have ideas about what I can offer or how we can work to best help you, please reach out!


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My nutrition services are offered via HIPAA-compliant telehealth (phone, messaging or audio/visual).  In addition to regular business hours, I have evening and weekend appointments to fit into your busy schedule!  I am here for you!  –  Between visits, I am available for a quick question via text through our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform, Practice Better! I’m a Charlevoix, Michigan local, but serve all of Michigan and beyond, so reach out and let’s connect! I cannot wait to start working together!  

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