Welcome! … to my blog, Kale & Cookies. The name “Kale & Cookies” originated from my passion for helping people recognize balance in their health and nutrition. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist, I can fully appreciate the desire for someone who is wanting to eat well and maintain good health. That said, I fully believe that we must consider the mental aspect of overall health when looking at nutrition. In doing so, we would probably find that maintaining an overly strict diet, following a structured meal plan, and participating in rigorous exercise every single day takes the enjoyment out of everyday life.

My Mantra

Balance is the word I would choose to describe my mantra. I am all in for a good sweat session, though I also have three kids, age eight and under, so “me time” does not always happen. My kids participate in many activities and keep me running from here to there. In regards to nutrition, a good dessert? Pass me a plate! And, do not forget to offer me a delicious piece of bread, buffalo chicken salad, or the occasional cocktail! If you know me, you know I am in.

You will never hear me refer to myself as following any specific, especially fad-style, diet. I will not go “sugar-free.” I love dessert. I will not go gluten-free unless medically necessary. Skip the “titles” – I will not label myself as vegetarian or vegan, though we do tend to eat primarily plant-based. No label as “alcohol-free,” please – all in moderation! It all comes back around to … balance.

My Private Practice is an Extension of My Own Life

I run my private practice as an extension of my life using the same mantra: balance. I want to give you the tools you need to improve your nutrition and live healthier lifestyles, whether you are seeking information for you or for your entire family. I will help you find balance with your nutrition. Taking away desserts and enforcing sixty-minute exercise sessions, six days a week is just not my style.

Overall, my goal for our work together is to get you to a point where you will appreciate good nutrition for the way it nourishes your body. Instead of looking at food as calories, macros, or something categories you have to limit or eliminate, I want you to see food as a positive benefit to your life. Just the same, I don’t want you to stress about getting in a certain amount of physical activity, but rather focus on enjoying the movement that keeps your joints flexible and your muscles strong.

Finally, I am honored to be a part of your life, is how I feel! I look forward to serving the people of Charlevoix and all of Michigan, as well as those online using telehealth and virtual nutrition counseling across the United States. I am excited to be your Up North Dietitian and primary resource for nutrition! I hope you continue to follow my Kale & Cookies blog! Please do not hesitate to inquire if you have any questions about how I can help you improve your life! Interested in knowing how I can help you? Take advantage of a FREE, complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call. To schedule, fill out this form here: Contact Me.

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